Ecuador One explicit Blossoming Housing market

Ecuador A Booming Real Estate Market Ecuador is a country where you can live surrounded by unparalleled beauty, whether it be in the ancient colonial cities of the Sierra, the tranquil Valley of Longevity, the exotic Amazon rainforest, Ecuador’s beautiful and natural coastline, or the mystical and unique Galapagos Islands. But it’s also a country where you can live on the smallest of incomes. In Ecuador you can still find pristine beachfront lots for under , , antique colonial homes for under , and peaceful mountain retreats for under , .

You’ll pay almost no taxes and enjoy one of the most nonintrusive and nonregulatory governments in the civilized world. Nestled in the jagged Andes Mountains, it is home to a large portion of the world’s wildlife and bird species, as well as a staggering array of different landscapes and climates. There’s truly something here for everyone. บ้านมือสองนนทบุรี , however, is its people. It’s one of the few places where a foreign resident or visitor can blend easily into the community, being welcomed into a new circle of friends and a new way of life with relative ease.

As a foreigner here you’ll be treated with respect and the people will be proud to get to know you. During the last years, Ecuador has gone through a number of tumultuous changes, including the recent ousting of a president in . But today’s Ecuador has emerged as a country which remains a haven for those wanting to retire or invest and gives every sign of retaining a stable government. The landscape of the market has changed, but there are plenty of areas where significant property bargains can be found and a comfortable lifestyle can be enjoyed on just a fraction of what you’d spend in much of the world.

Today, you can buy a twobedroom condominium in Quito’s historic center, close to good shopping, gourmet restaurants and hotels, for under , and a onebedroom for just over , .